When it comes to holiday gift shopping, there's no time like the present 😉
Check items off your list with our carefully curated gift guide, guaranteed to get your loved ones out on the water for exciting SUP adventures!


For the Casual Paddler. Our 10’ SUP Set in ruby red, black, or light blue, is an all-around starter board that’s lightweight and easy to manoeuver. Perfect for the smaller build and lightweight paddlers looking for some fun on the water.

For the Sporty Explorer. Our 10’ 6” SUP Set in grey or blue is for SUPers of all ability levels. It is a great allrounder and has excellent stability, balance, and manoeuvrability.

For the Cool and Stylish Adventurer. Our 10’6” SUP Set in Maori Hawaii is perfect for those who want an all allround board to use to SUP in comfort and style.

For the Lover of Aesthetic. A gorgeous board that glides through the water well. Our 11’2” Tribal Samoa in blue is our longest and most stable board - perfect for taller SUPers too who love a little flair.

For the Thrill Seeker. Our 11’2'' double-skinned touring board in blue is the perfect choice for paddlers who are serious about getting out on the water and want an even more durable board. For the paddleboarder who wants to go further, this board will take you places!