All our boards and accessories come with a 12-month warranty covering manufacturing faults. Our products are made from durable quality materials and that’s why we can offer this warranty.   If for some reason you have an issue with a board or accessory supplied by HIKS we will always endeavour to resolve this for you swiftly.  Please contact us before attempting any resolution yourself or having it repaired by a third party as any attempt to repair or modify the product will invalidate this warranty. Repair kits supplied with Boards are to be use for non-warranty related repairs.  Please do not return your item until you have a warranty claim approved. Cost to return products outside of the first 30 days to us for warranty claims are the responsibility of the buyer.

The limited warranty offered is against manufacturing defects, excludes all other warranties, expressed or implied, including, implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, the warranty excludes any incidental or consequential damages or expenses resulting from any defects. Any warranty claim or liability will be limited to an amount equal to the consumers original purchase price, paid for the defective product.

Terms and Conditions

For the original retail purchaser (“Consumer”) HIKS provides a 12-month, one (1) year warranty, against material or manufacturing defects of the hull and accessories against material or manufacturing defects from the date of purchase.

Limited Warranty Details

This warranty commitment does not cover any other claim conditions in relation to damage or defects, associated directly or indirectly as a result of the following:

  • Wear and tear arising from both normal and casual use
  • Extremes of weather or environmental conditions
  • Cleaning with any liquid other than cool, fresh water
  • Temperatures above 30 degrees centigrade and below 2 degrees centigrade
  • Boards left in direct sunlight when not is use
  • While in the possession of a freight carrier, including air transportation
  • As a result of loading, unloading or dropping by any party
  • As a result of over tightening on a car or rack systems
  • By accident, neglect, improper use or handling
  • Being towed by any means
  • Use for any activity other than its intended purpose
  • Repairs made by any third party
  • Storage of inflatable boards within a bag when wet or damp
  • Collision with any object stationary or moving 
  • Jumping directly onto a board from an elevated height
  • Acts of aggressive or unreasonable force during use of the product
  • Storage of the product in either damp, dark, ventilation free areas
  • Use of non-standard fins, larger than specified
  • Use of the item after a claim is lodged where additional damage occurs
  • Colour fading or variations as a result of UV influences
  • Failure to fresh-water rinse equipment after each use
  • Salt water crystallisation resulting in fading, deterioration or failure of materials
  • Failure to follow instructions of use supplied with the product
  • Failure to follow the guidance of handling and use by your retailer
  • Use of excessive force, including over-tightening, pushing or twisting
  • Dragging of product over abrasive or sharp surfaces
  • Loan of the product by the owner, for any commercial purpose
  • Use of products where use is not intended or by a user over the products designed weight
  • Use in excessive winds where impact damage may be likely
  • Breakages / damage which occur in the surf or rapid rivers are not covered
  • Over-inflation of boards beyond 15psi (including increases in pressure caused by expansion of air (causing increase in pressure) through overheating caused by weather or exposure to sunlight)
  • Folding of the inflatables along fin box seam causing deformation
  • Hire or rental of the product


If a fault is discovered HIKS retains the right to satisfy warranty via repair or replacement of products or of components deemed defective. HIKS reserves the right to replace original SUP boards or equipment with comparable current products in comparable condition.

Important Information

High temperature/direct sunlight advice:  All paddleboards: Have a recommended maximum PSI. When you’re not using your paddleboard on the water and it is left for extended periods of time in direct sunlight or in high summer temperatures, the heat causes the air inside your board to expand, significantly increasing the board’s pressure past the recommended maximum and can cause Paddleboards to warp and the seams to fail. 


To prevent this happening, we suggest the following steps to keep your board safe from being damaged by heat!

  • Never leave your board or deck pad exposed to the sun for an extended period of time
  • Reduce the PSi in your board when transporting on a roof-rack
  • Reduce the pressure in your board when not in use
  • Regularly check the pressure of your board on hot sunny days
  • As temperatures increase, reduce the pressure in the board
  • Leave a portion of your board in the water where possible to keep it cool


Generally, the pressure of your board will not increase significantly when it is in use as the water acts to keep the air in your board cool.