Why we escape on our SUP.

Why do you SUP?

While most do it for the thrill and excitement, some use SUPing as an escape - a break from their overwhelming thoughts and the usual distractions of their daily lives.

SUPing can help with anxiety and depression. SUPing keeps you moving and basking under the sun. Physical activity and moderate sun exposure trigger chemicals like serotonin and endorphins that have long been proven to improve mood and focus.

Stress relief. Being surrounded by water is highly therapeutic. Nature always brings a sense of calmness, perfect for pausing and processing overwhelming emotions.

Reconnect with yourself or with others. One of our favorite things about SUPing is how we can do it on our own or with other people. Whether you prefer spending time alone to take a breather or build meaningful relationships with like-minded people, SUPing is a must-try activity.

Continue inspiring and stay inspired.

This year we aim to inspire and be inspired. We love to SUP, share where we paddle and be influenced to paddle in new places. While out of the water these cold months, here are ways to keep the spark of SUP love alive.

Remind yourself how beautiful SUPing could be. Relieve your favorite SUP experience by posting your favorite moments and destinations online (tag us @hikspaddleboards).
Plan your next SUP trip. Whether you're still searching for your next spot or have decided on a dream destination, now is the time to start planning! Scout the internet for the hottest SUP places, call all your friends, upgrade your gear, and prepare for an adventure!
Remember that SUPing is less about the activity and more about what the activity does for you & where the activity takes you.