What's SUP Summer?

This summer was such fun! As the warm weather came (and went at times), calendars were filled to the brim with more adventures!

Join Jack and Melissa as they take you on an exhilarating SUPing escapade in their van 'Dougal', where they embrace the true spirit of adventure with HIKS.

Get ready for an awesome recount of their adventures across some of the best SUP spots in the UK that will leave you craving your own dose of summer thrills in 2024!

Jack and Melissa

The Gower Peninsula, South Wales: A hidden gem for SUP enthusiasts

Dougal’s adventure kicked off in the picturesque Gower Peninsula. Just like the entire South coast of Wales, the Gower is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts, especially when it comes to stand-up paddleboarding (SUP). With its clear skies and stunning coastal view, it’s practically impossible to stop yourself from grabbing your board and diving right in.

The Gower Peninsula

Eyri National Park: A paddleboarding paradise in Snowdonia

The next adventure took Dougal and the gang to Eryri National Park, where they threw an epic birthday bash for Jack. It was a paddleboarding party like no other! Snowdonia provided the perfect backdrop, with its clear waters and stunning mountains. The best part? The park has something for everyone, whether you're new to paddleboarding or a seasoned pro.

Eyri National Park

Scotland: An emergency adventure!

In a whirlwind Scottish adventure that spanned the country's wild and rugged landscapes, covering nearly 2600 miles, Dougal and his crew discovered some of the best SUP spots it has to offer! From rocky coastlines to serene lochs and winding rivers, there was no shortage of new spots for adventurous souls to explore.


The Stour, Essex: One Last Summer Adventure

The whole crew wrapped up the summer adventure with a laid-back morning paddle on the Stour River. Gliding along the water, savoring the peace and quiet as the sun starts to rise. A tranquil experience to bid farewell to summer.

The Stour, Essex

Summer Must-haves

Check out Dougal’s handpicked summer essentials and gear up for your own unforgettable adventures

Blue Tribal
Electric SUP Pump
Fe Active - Cloudbreak

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