Paddle Guide 

 A paddle for stand up paddle boarding consist of three parts: 

  • Handle - The paddles are ergonomically designed to fit the palm of your hand. 
  • Shaft - The shaft is considered the most important part of the paddle.  The material of a paddle makes a big difference to the performance.
  • Blade - Broad flat surface of the paddle

At HIKS we offer three standards of 3-part paddles:


Full Aluminium 

Our standard HIKS fully adjustable high grade 6063 aluminium paddle with a nylon blade weighs just 970 grams.


HIKS Hybrid paddle with - Carbon fibre shaft, polyethylene blade and a ergonomically designed handle 790grams


Full Carbon

Our 100% Carbon Fibre HIKS paddle is a great solution as it weighs a mere 395 grams

Height of paddle

To maximise your enjoyment on the water you need to have the correct paddle length/height for the type of paddling you decide to do. We suggest you go for between 8-10" above your head for flat water paddling.